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"Beginning Beta Testing Early 2019"

Teknet FileMover is a simple "File Moving Utility" that aids the user in eliminating common folder clutter. It makes moving similar file types to a new folder, subfolder, or archived folder quick, easy and intuitive.
As we all know, Internet LIFE can fill up your hard drive with all your most important and prized photos and memories and along the way some miscellaneous junk collected through interactions on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.There are pictures, videos, emails, documents, and so many more. These usually get saved in a catch all, or utility folder like "My Documents" or "My Pictures" and over time become a giant mass of files that are impossible to navigate through. This is where fileMover takes over. Simply, decide on a course of action. Let's just say you'd like to move all your picture files from "MyPictures" to a New folder. Let's call it "Pictures 2016". Pick the source (MyPictures), destination (Pictures 2016), and file type(.jpg), and click the "Move Files" button. Easy Peasy, Quick and Easy. Files are moved. NEXT
FileMover's easy to use interface, makes it simple for even the most inexperienced users to effortlessly, clean up folder clutter, and help organize your files. You can literally archive 1000's of photos in less than a minute. Create another folder just for your videos and repeat, Letters, repeat, you get it. Programmers with bak files can literally archive deprecated files in seconds.

"Coming 2019"

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